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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    I’m gonna continue doing Advent of Code in x86-64 assembly. I hope I can solve every single day this year!

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      Love the comment :P


      Good luck too!

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        I’m doing it with k2l8m11n2!! but in C.

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        On Sunday I’m doing a “There and Snack Again” run.

        And bashing away at my HTML/DB language.

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          I’ve got another blog post to write up on a bluetooth annoyance that I finally looked into. Specifically, that audio quality degrades when you go to use your microphone.

          I’d never noticed this before strangely but I think it only came about when we started having bridge calls, that is, meeting calls that would run all day in the background while we were working from home.

          They weren’t actually meetings but a drop in/drop out channel for having discussions and so on.

          Turns out you can’t really use Spotify (or really any audio) at a high quality while using your microphone. I think it was only exacerbated because Microsoft Teams seemingly claims a hold on your microphone even while muted so you’re constantly at a lower sample rate when in a call.

          If anyone is interested in a lightweight explainer as to why, I’ll be posting it sometime shortly at https://utf9k.net/blog/

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            The same thing happens with AirPods on a Mac. To maintain the higher audio quality when I join a video call, I often switch to the Mac’s built in mic instead if the AirPods mic, but keep the audio I hear coming through the AirPods.

            It’s super fiddly and a pain in the butt.

            I’m looking forward to reading your post.

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              Mhmm, that’s essentially what I’ve opted to do as well. Interestingly, you can see the sample rate change from 48000hz to 16000hz (or thereabouts) in Console.app and vice versa

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            3 day weekend for me. Things I’d like to achieve include:

            • Fixing some broken things around the house
            • 3d modelling for printing stuff, which also includes rigging up some sort of housing around the 3d printer as it’s in a cold garage and prints keep curling up in the corners. Current zany idea is printing mudflaps for the car.
            • Winter bike still needs pedals finding/fitting, and gears adjusting. Then I might actually go ride it outside.
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              Winter bike

              Icebiking is my absolute favorite! There is something about riding in the snow and ice that is magical, and also at times pretty brutal.

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                There is something about riding in the snow and ice that is magical

                Yes there is. Sadly wet, muddy, cold cycling round the countryside roads in the UK is none of that. Made it out, spent longer putting the gear on and cleaning afterwards than I did on the bike. Suddenly I remember why I used to switch to gym sessions in the winter!

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              Installing LFS (for like the 8th time) because I can’t stop fixating on everything that the Gentoo devs are doing that piss me off. And I’m tired of spiraling out to mental instablility.

              Besides that; probably drinking, a lot.

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                What do they do that disagrees with you?

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                  Bit late to this but here’s what I’ve done so far


                  Daughters birthday party tomorrow

                  Will try to continue to solve Advent of Code puzzles even though I’m always late to solve them due to life reasons

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                    So.. there’s a task list (we’ve moved to this apartment in Nov)

                    • set up a workspace for our teenager as H/S is moving to WFH over xmas
                    • install new washing machine
                    • install new stove - I’m gonna go slow with this one, wiring stoves is complicated
                    • set up cabinets
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                      install new stove - I’m gonna go slow with this one, wiring stoves is complicated

                      Why is that?

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                        Mostly depending on voltage, phase orientation, and where the neutral lead is… this is an older apartment so it’s going to be 220-240 V~, but I need to check the existing stove to be sure.

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                      planning a trip to the states to get a new visa :(

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                        Safe travels!

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                        • Spending time with family.
                        • Completing the Advent of Code 2020 exercises. I use a new language each time. This year I’m using Rust, even though I prefer other programming languages. It’s growing on me, though.
                        • Taking 92 push-ups on Saturday and 94 on Sunday. I challenged a friend to increase the count by 1 every day until they were too hard to take in one go, then double the number and take them during the whole day, up until we reached 100. Now I have to take them. He absolutely can’t win this.
                        • Updating an Arch Linux package or two in [community]. I will also check if there are new bug reports or votes.
                        • Learning more Go: I’m back to 5k on KGS after several years of not playing, I found some videos by “Go Pro Yeonwoo” on YT that are both entertaining and educational. Also, Lizzie + Leela Zero are excellent (and relatively new) learning tools. It can also be relaxing to play a game or two. I do tesuji exercises every time I visit the bathroom now.
                        • Maybe do some admin or shuffle furniture around in the house, to make other people happy.
                        • Maybe watch a movie.

                        Have a good weekend, people!

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                          I’ll be resting, trying to clean up a bit, and continuing my two advent habits:

                          1. Making sure to have a morning routine of showering and journaling, before I get to work
                          2. Spending time on my wife’s e-commerce site. I ditched a complicated design of building news/blog posts on it from fragments of text/images/headers once the complexity started to get higher than I wanted it. Now I’m just using markdown for the time being, and will switch to something else if needed.
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                            Advent of Code, in Elixir! I’ve done the 4 days so far and am hoping I can keep this going at least 10 days.

                            Other than that I would like to get one workout in. But I’m not sure if that will happen.

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                              Me too! I don’t use elixir in my day to day (and boy does it show). I’m excited to have a reason to use it. It’s a lovely language.

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                                Just completed first chapter of new book. Been a difficult start compared to my previous books, so it feels great to have taken the first step.

                                Going to spend rest of the weekend reading second book in “Gods of Blood and Powder” series by Brian McClellan. The first book was a solid entry, but wasn’t as good as the Powder Mage series.

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                                  Still a bit sick, so I probably don’t do much. Maybe lead a D&D session and Sunday I might work on some features for 250kb.club

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                                    Making some more progress on the UI for the game I’m working on at https://twitter.com/stratagemstudio.

                                    Will probably add some more abandonware to a DOS emulation site I built for my daughter over the Thanksgiving break at https://d3bxh8em3eeey6.cloudfront.net.

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                                      Going to support exporting the hand-drawn graph for Graph Galaxy.

                                      One headache problem is that all ratings and reviews are bad. I am going to improve the purchase flow in the following two weeks, hope that could mitigate this issue :P

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                                        • Keep hacking on the game in Unity
                                        • Start on the little soldering kit I ordered. End result is a tiny 9v battery powered hand-held console. With snake, space invaders, and tetris (I think).
                                        • Start reading and messing with PICO-8 / Voxatron !
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                                          $Work ish : finishing a study case to submit on Monday for an interview and prepping for another interview also on Monday.

                                          $life : it is also the weekend when some friends will come to see us. Bad timing. Their car broke down, less social social life more job interview prep!

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                                            Gonna see if I can’t create a fully automated flow for performing a thermal capture once a 3D print starts.

                                            Had my first failed print last weekend whilst experimenting with printing throughput. Now I’m experimenting with cooling methods, but need to be able to reproduce the problem first.

                                            Also looking to complete a custom storage rack.

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                                              More biking, more baking! I’ll be trying my first ever fried dough for sufganiyot.

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                                                This past March I fell off of many years of Inbox Zero. Last week I started climbing back towards it, so continuing that a bit. I’m about 50% done by volume, but only 25% done in terms of total time/effort.

                                                Also rebuilding my personal browser start page. Current design is 4 years old, and I’ve moved most of my browsing into Firefox Containers. In addition to a new design, it’s getting an active feature for the first time. I love containers, but I can’t rely fully on the “Always open domain X in container Y”, as do have some sites I visit as multiple identities. So I’m going to hack around it using a few local domain names e.g. trello-personal.localhost and trello-work.localhost that do have a “Always open in X container” setting, and then those will redirect to the desired URL (as the tab will now be in the desired container).

                                                It’s a minor thing, but I’ve put it off for almost a year, to see if the feeling of need would fade, but it hasn’t.

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                                                  optimizing bupstash :D

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                                                    Tinkering in Blender mostly. 2.80 made me get back to it, but 2.91 made me really excited.

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                                                      Working on making what might someday be a medium-sized video game in Rust, and trying to clean up ggez more for an end-of-year release.

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                                                        I wrote a Go web app to manage my save files for roguelikes (with permadeath). This weekend I will add a way to upload save files to Google Drive.

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                                                          Drafting my yearly email to family and friends, and baking a pumpkin flan.