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In both personal and professional context, I’m often missing a solution to create animations to illustrate my explanations.

I’m looking for anything to create education animations in 2D. I don’t care about the format, it could be a library to a known language, a DSL, some YAML or whatever. The point is to export theses animations into format like SVGs or even GIFs and insert them into web pages for documentation/explanation purpose.

As some kind of example, Lydia Hallie made wonderful animations to explain the Javascript engine ( I know she’s using Apple’s Keynote.) and I’m looking for a solution able to create that kind of animation.

I hope you have ideas, guidance, anything :)

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      If you’re so inclined, check out Manim - https://github.com/ManimCommunity/manim/

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        You’re not the first one to mention it. I will definitely gonna give it a try ! Thanks

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      I found keyshape an excellent tool for that https://www.keyshapeapp.com/

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        That’s good to know ! I was looking for something free or open-source, but hey…

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      Haven’t used it myself, but found it in my bookmarks while searching for ‘animation’: https://shrew.app/

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        I didn’t know it existed but I’ll give it a look. Thank you ! I don’t know if I will be able to learn how to use it though ^^

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          Maybe this one is easier to learn: