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    Gatekeeper is a good idea poorly implemented. Just trying to open Webex, I ran into “foo needs this permission” where the only option was to close that window, open System Preferences and okay that permission, then reopen Webex. Then I see “bar needs this permission” so I have to close that window, open System Preferences, and authorize that permission. Then I try to reopen Webex and I see “baz needs this permission”. All the while my client is sitting on the conference call wondering where I am. I went through five different Webex helper programs before I gave up and dialed in from my phone instead of the screen share.

    I understand the issue of “everyone just clicks okay”, but making the user go to another pane and authorize every single function inside of (what seems to the user like) one single application is absolutely not the way to do it. Half the time when I get to System Preferences I’ve already forgotten what permission I needed to go and authorize.