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    TFA is a pretty thoughtful take on the situation. Personally, I am squarely in the React camp as Angular has way too much magic for me to be comfortable with.

    However, an upgrade with no feasible path is immensely frustrating. I get that people can use it on new projects, but the complete lack of an upgrade path at present is outright shocking.

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      Angular has way too much magic for me to be comfortable with.

      Indeed, quite nicely summed up by this image [src: Jake Archibald].

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      As someone who is deeply invested in Angular and following these updates… At one point at work I had to let out an emotional response, and then apologize to my team for my french.

      Jokes aside I accept this is the nature of our industry. I am not weary of change, I welcome it, it implies we’re growing and improving. I will accept this positive ideal over the fear of things I like changing.

      IMO if you write front end code, you should have experimented with all of the relevant frameworks and made your choices based on what it enables you to do (don’t reinvent the wheel, this isn’t academics), bug support, and the programming patterns it supports. If AngularJS doesn’t provide the right tools for our team we’ll leave, it’s as simple as that.