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    Aside: We really need a “mickens” tag.

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      I was mostly entertained, but I don’t think I was educated very much.

      • Blockchains are probably a dumb idea
      • Content moderation is a good idea
      • VCs should fund more good ideas than dumb ideas

      I think that’s about what I learned.

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        Mickens is always funny, but in this case I don’t find him as persuasive as I imagine he would like. E.g. while cryptocurrency was definitely overhyped, maybe it is simpler/cheaper/easier/more ethical to fix the problems with cryptocurrency than with fiat monetary systems (I’m not arguing that’s the case, just that it’s possible). Or as another example, maybe developers do have a moral imagination, and maybe they disagree with James Mickens.

        Mickens’s writing and delivery are hilarious (and I heartily recommend his early work), but I think that he’s not sufficiently challenging himself here.

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          Agreed. There are a lot of comparisons in this video, but not necessarily good points. I don’t see how anyone can find this convincing, but maybe it could cause some to reflect on their views.

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          I couldn’t agree more with most of his points, especially his comments around the “Qualitative CTO,” knowing yourself, being in a bubble that overlooks the real struggles of other people, and being honest with yourself as to why you are working on the projects you may be working on.