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We already have the law tag, but I’ve noticed that the first page of law, spanning about 30 days, currently has zero mentions of patents, yet a search does reveal that we do have quite a bunch of patent-related articles (there was a whole bunch about two months ago).

“Law” is already divided into “privacy”; I think “patents” is the next logical split.


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    I disagree. I feel like this is a fairly tech-oriented community, given the forest of tags dedicated to the topic. I think I can accurately state that lobste.rs is not a legal scholarly community, and so dividng up the law posts into specific subcategories seems like we’d get a lot of tags with fairly few stories apiece. We just don’t get that many law-focused posts.

    Also, privacy does not only mean the legal fight for privacy but also technical measures to ensure it, or conversations about what it means to people. These examples, in my mind, put the tag into a separate category alongside (though often related; given the community’s general interest of the intersection of the two) but independent of the law tag.

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      If there haven’t been submissions in the last 30 days, that suggests it isn’t a big deal.