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      It’s nice to see jupyter catching up with Mathematica.

      Granted, Mathematica by Wolfram is light years ahead in pretty much everything, but it’s also very, very, very expensive.

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      This is really nice and I’m glad to see more OSS “book” projects.

      I use jekyll for a bunch of static sites and was trying to find a “book” theme that could actually output an ebook and pdf and was surprised at how much work it took. Then I looked for python, same thing.

      Gitbook is now SaaS so I didn’t want to use their old package as it seems completely abandoned.

      My previous plan was to learn R and use book down, so now I’ll give this a try.

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        My current set up is using pandoc to generate pdf/epub from github style markdown and mdBook to generate web version from markdown. Had to write a script to convert single file markdown to multiple files for the web version. mdBook also supports a print option which you could use to get the pdf version (although you’ll need a bit of scripting to make the chapters start on a new page)

        Another option that came up recently is honkit, which is a fork of Gitbook and you could get web version as well as ebook (pdf, epub, mobi).