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    Even the linked articles are quite light on technical details. This is what I got:

    • They are shipping a bundle containing a hypervisor, FreeBSD, and an industrial control system.
    • The hypervisor can run Windows for GUI things and Linux VMs for container things.

    It’s not clear if the hypervisor is bhyve, something in-house, or something else.

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      It’s bhyve, just see the latest commits from us.

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        I see a few things committed by you on ROM emulation?

        It would be great if you could explicitly mention bhyve in marketing materials. I constantly hear ‘no one uses bhyve in production’ as an excuse to use Linux and KVM.

        If folks on your team understand bhyve, it would also be fantastic if they could contribute documentation, especially around the ioctls. The Windows hypervisor APIs and KVM are now sufficiently similar that we can write easy abstraction layers that sit on either. It would be great to be able to port these to bhyve as well but the current docs are somewhat sparse.

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        I agree. I think this link would have been better. Even though it’s not really answering those questions.


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          If it’s not bhyve, I’ll eat my hat. From the install guide on the beckhoff site, this looks for all the world like FreeBSD 12 with some proprietary PLC support software on top. But the documentation is light and I don’t quite care enough to jump through the registration hoop in order to download a trial ISO and look ‘round. It seems screamingly unlikely that this crowd is writing some bespoke hypervisor that can run windows, and only slightly less unlikely that they’re integrating something non-default, if the flavor of the OS manual is any indicator.

          I do find it interesting enough to wish there was a little more documentation where I could see it.