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    I felt like I was reading back story for hours and still didnt make it anywhere close to whatever the future plans are before just clicking back. :(

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      He’s selling HIBP to somebody because it takes up too much time. Doesn’t know who yet, but the process of finding a buyer and setting up a deal now involves the M&A department of some financial consulting firm, and has a project name, which this is. There’s a list of goals he expects to get from the process. That’s pretty much it.

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        I skipped to the end, and I didn’t really figure it out either, but I think he is selling off HIBP, to someone (unclear who) and he will go with it. Hopefully it will be to make it better, but only the future will know.

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          He has acquired a lot of data about a lot of people, I bet that’s quite valuable to a few companies.

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        The stats around HIBP’s growth were pretty interesting though.

        I know 1Password and lots of other things use it as a data source, I get the impression he plans to scale that out and make it more available and transparent.

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          This guy has been a gift from god.