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    A decent number of things stabilized in this release but I’ve been most looking forward to inline ASM. Opens the doors to specific hand-rolled cryptographic implementations and better support for embedded platforms without depending on nightly or requiring FFI.

    Surprised to see incremental compilation disabled for this release, I’m sure that will upset some folk. Seems to be quite the beast to tame.

    Also looks like GATs are getting ever so close to being stabilized! It seems to be blocked on the where position with a PR in the works. This and the work on polonius are a couple of the features I am looking forward to this year. Combined they will make some zero-copy parsing cases a lot nicer.

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      I am so happy about the destructuring assignments landing in stable.

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        I’m surprised that they chose to disable incremental compilation instead of holding the release to cherry picking a hotfix. I work on a project that is very slow to compile now, I might need to pin my current version of Rust somewhere in case it gets a lot slower for the new version and I need to hold back.

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          It’s happened before, Rust’s incremental compilation code is fairly brittle and not very well tested (their words) so backports typically end up causing even more problems than they set out to fix. I don’t remember if they linked it in the post but there’s a fairly lengthy discussion about the options on the issue where this ICE was reported.