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I recently finished a project I worked on with a friend of mine. It is an interactive floor plan of the school we are attending and of course web-based. The different views of the building are full HD renders which get displayed via javascript.

The live example on the official homepage is available here. The website is in german, but a more a detailed description of our project is on this page. The code itself will also be open sourced in the near future.

We would like to hear from other people what they think about the site/concept.

If you like it please show us your love and vote for us at the cityhype contest (It takes less then 15 seconds). We submitted it there because the competitions topics were “Smart City”, connectivity and similar.

We would be very happy :)


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    Looks very nice and gives a good overview of the building. Maybe you could show a list of rooms next to the model, so when you click one of these room names, the room is highlighted in the 3d model? Then it could also be useful for navigating the building.

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      Thanks for the nice words @haraball.

      We totally forgot about something like a list of the rooms, this is a really good idea. We probably add it in the future.

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      I thought one would be able to walk the building, FPS-style. It would be a neat feature

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        We decided to make it the way it is now because we wanted to have it in the browser.

        It is possible to walk through the whole school in Blender, the program we used to create the 3D model. However it couldn’t be that way because of browser limitations. There are sites like Sketchfab where you can upload a 3D model and walk in it but the school is too big for Sketchfab.

        We started to upload and add just the different rooms. You can see the first 3D room model here: http://www.schule3d.eu/standalone/en/#/raum/224