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    I have no idea if this is a good idea, but it is certainly declarative haha.

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      A rediscovery of Red’s and Rebol’s VID.

      view [
      	text "Enter numbers:"
      	a: field text "+" b: field
      	button "Calculate" [result/data: a/data + b/data]
      	text "Result -->" result: text
      	button "Quit" [unview]
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        Honestly this is super clever and I love it. For simple things (which is obviously the use case as described by the project) this seems really nice.

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          I love it.

          And I know I bring it up all the time, but this is very similar in spirit to the EasyGUI library from the Amiga (which is definitely a compliment in my mind!).

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            Nice project!

            note: As an Alfa Romeo owner I cannot unsee the pun in the name. :) (Yes, I know Giulietta is an Italian woman’s name)

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              Completely unrelated but I am listening to a song (Alizée’s Mademoiselle Juliette) where at the beginning she talks about being “with her Romeo in the Alfa”…that is, a pun on both Romeo and Juliet and Alfa Romeo. Not five seconds before I read your comment did that lyric play.

              Yeah I listen to silly French pop. Don’t judge me. :)