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    Does anyone who’s done lots of iOS development have an opinion on this? It seems like a serious product, and their claims of performance relative to SQLite (on some very simple queries!) are pretty surprising.

    However I get a feeling I’m being oversold. (Especially with that quote “…possibly the first truly novel idea I’ve seen in software in 20 years.” really ? )

    It also isn’t really clear what problem they’re solving. It seems simpler and cleaner than Core Data, but that’s not a high bar, and besides Core Data tries to do a whole lot. And their arguments against SQLite seem to boil down to “It’s old” and “some ORMs are inefficient”.

    I read through this a couple of times and I still don’t quite get exactly what’s “Mobile-First” about this. When I saw the headline, I thought “Ah, sync and offline caching designed in from the beginning”, but they haven’t tackled sync (although they plan to).

    I’m also curious how you’d do more complex queries like a join. They do have the capability to chain queries, but that example doesn’t really expand the query language much.

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      They also don’t mention

      So, yeah. Leaving out a bunch of research while trying to convince me your new stuff is the best ever seems like a bad idea.

      SQLite has rarely held me back. Actually, given how portable, rock solid, fast and easy to use SQLite is, why would I want to use another product? I included my own custom compiled SQLite in an iOS app, as I needed full text indexing which isn’t supported by the platform SQLite, took maybe 2 hrs of work from idea to a working build. Never had an issue with it.

      So yeah, their case is shot.