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In the past couple days, I’ve seen several users point out that there’s no way to flag story as incorrect, whereas we do have that option for comments.


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    I think the big reason was that it’s pretty regular for people to link articles on here for the sake of criticism

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      I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I think lobste.rs is fine as it is, and we don’t need this kind of granularity. That’s what the comments are for, among other things.

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        Sometimes people don’t have time to read the comments, or aren’t interested enough to click through, but they’ll see the headline and make a note of it anyway. Seeing that it’s been flagged “incorrect” would be helpful, IMO.

        There have been a couple stories in the past few days where the headline was either very misleading or very old without a (2001) note.

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          If a story is old without a date, you can use the suggest link. If enough people (two?) suggest the same change it automatically takes effect.

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            This happened to me earlier for the first time. I had no date and boom that was fixed. Proven solution.