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    I found this article rather confusing, as if it had been post processed through some sort of abstract synonym filter. Then we get to a concrete claim:

    One implication is that an attacker who simply relied on the frequencies with which letters occur in English words could probably guess a user-selected password much more quickly than was previously thought. “Attackers often use graphics processors to distribute the problem,” Duffy says. “You’d be surprised at how quickly you can guess stuff.”

    But this doesn’t really sound like news. Ars has done a pretty good job I think of covering password cracking this year. Just one article here.

    Then there’s the part about passwords stored on credit cards (the number?) and electromagnetic noise. I think this is the meat of their discovery, but sadly, I have no clue what they’re really talking about.

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      I think the article is interesting not because it says anything new, but because it shows the math behind it.