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    The sentiments/principles stated are right on the money (no pun intended), but the worked example didn’t seem to follow them. Maybe the talk tackled this differently, but the mistake wasn’t putting ‘YEN’ instead of ‘JPY’, but is ‘JPY’ always the “local currency” for the Japanese Hedge Funds? Maybe they have offices in London, so that local currency (Pounds? Euros?) should be used?

    On an even wider scale (again, which is what I thought the point of the presentation was), why are emails being sent? What’s the intent behind the ‘want to know about’ that’s expressed? Do they want to know immediately? (If so, is email really the best way to do that?) Do they want a daily report? Weekly? Only when audited (so maybe never)?

    That’s where developers should be understanding the domain, not in mistakes in specifying currency names (which I would think would be a constant somewhere anyway).