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Please flag this if you feel it does not belong here–I was torn.


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    Uber is pretty bad about retention. They definitely grind through drivers. Gotta feed the grist mill!

    It’s been a little while now, but the other week a guy ran into the hoagie shop and announced “I’m uber.” Woman working the counter just said “hello, uber.” Guy says he’s here to pick up. “Sorry, uber, not ready yet.” When, when, how much longer? “It’s going to be a few minutes, uber.” Of course, he was certainly double parked and the parking authority around here is on their game, so “a few minutes” is basically a death sentence. Think uber will pay the ticket?

    Uber has only been delivering around here for a little while, but you could tell she’d already had enough and didn’t give a fuck. His problems were not her problems and she wasn’t going to let them be. A regular delivery guy might be back next week, but this guy will never return. Next week it’ll be some other newb dashing in in a panic, disturbing my sweet sweet hoagie time.

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      Me: “What is that horrible color theme? Is this jwz?”

      Yep, it’s jwz.

      Dunno if the post is on-topic but it is a good read. Also the linked reasons to hate Uber, which even received a comment by rms.

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        I don’t typically find myself agreeing with JWZ on technology, but he’s certainly capable of laying down good rants on general tech culture. Of all the people to take a dim view of monopolism, he’s certainly high up the list.

        I’d suggest -practices (nothing about tech development in here).