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    I am genuinely curious why do people like posting Yegor’s articles?

    To me they read as shallow tripe of a self-centred egoistic person or at best like a very bad satire which I am reasonably sure is not author’s intention.

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      Didn’t you read BOFH back in the day?

      TBH, there is a varying degree of Yegor in every one of us, as well as those we interact with daily, whether we realise it or not. Obviously, I don’t agree with a lot of stuff he has to say, but I still find it to be an interesting read nonetheless.

      I think you’re also mistaken that it’s not his intention for his posts to not be taken as a very bad satire — he sounds like the kind of guy who takes great pride in his work and the extensive knowledge and experience of being on different sides of the project management discipline, but at the end of the day, he is simply ‘trolling’ for the engagements, regardless whether they are those of praise or condemnation.

      I’d say that’s a very atypical mode nowadays, where the default modus operandi appears to be to simply block your opponent at first opportunity instead of engaging in a civilised discourse against your stated PoV.

      Yegor seems to take great pride in actually entertaining contradictory suggestions from the readers and engaging in the criticism of his own ideas, heavily participating in the discussions on his blog with all the interested visitors.

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        Wow, blast from the past. I did read BOFH occasionally, but not a lot on the whole.

        I also read only about 3-4 articles from Yegor before I learned to recognize his domain so I can’t really speak to his oeuvre. Articles I read seem to paint a fairly consistent picture of a person, but obviously I can’t say with certainty that it is not just a well played act. In general I find life too short to try to prove that obnoxious pricks (in my view) are not just that. I am not sure I should even care about the difference even if I take your word that there’s more to the man.

        In any case thank you for responding and explaining.

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      For his sake I hope his future employers don’t read this… he’s outing himself as a person who seems very difficult to work with.

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        Sarcastic tone aside, this sounds exactly like who I want to hire, at least inasmuch as they are a foil to the the SV / HN / VC groupthink. They sound like they would make a killer ops lead, with the right tech team.

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        I find lots of statements about hate and negatives. It’s funny when I thought the title belongs to a story about motivation.

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          People don’t quit because of all the things they like.

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          I think it’s funny how he mentions “business domain” as being irrelevant for him — you’d think that’s one of the most irrelevant things in a job for just about anyone, yet on Angel.co (and/or Alist) that’s one of the required fields when looking for a job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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              Why did you make that comment? It has no value. I think it’s enough to flag that as off-topic and hide it. There is certainly no need to insult the author, right? :)