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Hi Lobsters!

The best way to share pics used to involve driving to a friend’s house with a USB stick. Ironically, this solution does not work any more since most “regular” people own no PCs.

I guess techies have our techniques: mail, upload to Dropbox, upload to “megaupload”-style site, share via flickr…

However, for people like my mom who has no computer, just a smartphone, and no technical knowledge, it’s being a nightmare.

She shares pics via whatsapp which is popular within her demographic. However it compresses media, making them unsuitable for printing or viewing in a large screen. Telegram has a “file” mode which allows sending uncompressed pictures but it’s kind of difficult to use. If Whatsapp could send uncompressed media by default, I wouldn’t be posting this.

Mail is also popular though the size limitations kill it. She is used to manually send like 8 mails with 3 pictures each, which takes her half an hour, and it makes me sad.

Dropbox/icloud is doable for her. The problem is that people who receive the pictures, usually older moms too, can see them on the website from their phones, but it’s not easy to transfer them to their phones “camera roll” or downloads folder, depending on the OS

Using “megaupload”-like sites is probably a bad idea, too difficult to use and prone to questionable ads which display fake warning banners which can scare them.

What do your moms use to share pictures?

  • Easy to share: open photos app, select, “share to”, select app
  • Easy for other moms to download them to their phones, not just view them online
  • Don’t require all moms to download a new app. They usually have email and Whatsapp installed, nothing else. However they’d be open to installing apps if they solve the problem completely.
  • Multi platform, and mobile, since none of them owns a computer
  • It may have a difficult set-up process since I’d install it and configure it myself.

Do you know if something like this exists?



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      FTP over wifi is great when your USB port breaks like me or isn’t available on the PC etc. It meant I could still do a backup (And I was charging with wireless charging for the curious).

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      Aren’t all mums on Mumbook?

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        Facebook has an option for “high-resolution” (i.e. not recompressed) photos, though I don’t know whether it’s available from non-computers. Google+ was pretty good at photo galleries, but has the downside of being Google+.

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          At least on iOS, they’ve split the photo upload to Google Photos, which I’ve found to be a great way to backup all my pictures automatically (or semi-automatically, because you have to open the app to start the upload process sometimes).

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          Don’t require all moms to download a new app

          If something already exited that allowed easy cross-device and cross-OS sharing, flickr, Instagram, Google Photos, iCloud Photo Sharing and many others wouldn’t exist.

          It sounds like this group of moms need Instagram.

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            I don’t think Instagram is suitable for publishing 20+ pics of private events. Furthermore, don’t they compress pictures anyway?

            If I didn’t have enough food on my plate I’d try to implement some solution to this. Why has nobody come up with a solution to this problem?

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              I don’t think Instagram is suitable for publishing 20+ pics of private events.

              Why not?

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                It’s difficult to save pictures to the “camera roll” (or equivalent) for moms who want to download them