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    I will be speaking soon! Check it out.

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      Is the schedule working? I’ve been expecting to see a presentation about Serial in Retro and I got instead a talk about a retro web proxy and now some Libreoffice history.

      EDIT: Ha, I finally found the talks in the schedule, seems like it’s not in my timezone. Note to UI designer: it’s always nice to localize time or at maybe display the timezone somewhere in the UI? I just saw that it’s in the schedule page text (but who’s reading text?)

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        I filed something about this last year but it’s not yet resolved. https://github.com/FOSDEM/website/pull/152

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        Some of my colleagues will be talking about VPP at this! Can’t wait to watch them.

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            It’s a high performance network packet processor. At $JOB we are using it as a programmable data plane.