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    I’m worried this is yet another attack vector against 1P, and provides easier key export for attackers that gain access to your command line.

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      What is the other attack vector?

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      This is great news for me. The command line tool has been the only thing that has kept me with lastpass.

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        This is sadly closed source and unsigned on OS X.

        After having a short look at the binary: this is most likely written in Go.

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          From the blog post:

          The tool was written from the ground up with the battle-tested Go programming language, the very same we used to build the 1Password service itself.

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          Kicked the tires on it last night; it’s still super raw. Accessing items requires piping the entire plaintext contents of a vault into jq or similar, which means I’ll probably write a shell wrapper for it so i can filter easily etc.

          It would be nice to open source it and let us submit PRs for things.