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      marginalia.nu is really cool. I mean, it’s a black hole of time and productivity, the way StumbleUpon was way back, before the SEO people learned about it, but it’s really cool!

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      I had an entertaining “sometimes stereotypes are there for a reason” moment where I clicked on the git link and went “hey what language is this anyway?”, and randomly browed down the directory tree to marginalia.nu/marginalia_nu/src/main/java/nu/marginalia/wmsa/configuration before seeing my first source file. “It’s java, isn’t it” hit me about a third of the way down the list, before I got to the java dir, but I was kind of curious how deep it would go.

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      If you feel the need to complain about how something doesn’t align with your personal philosophical convictions and fails to satisfy your criteria for ideological purity, please write a really long and angry essay about this topic, and send it to kontakt@marginalia.nu.

      Don’t forget to press caps lock as you begin typing to save your pinky fingers, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for nasty RSI.

      I’ve never used marginalia.nu, but that made me laugh and want to check it out.

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        Feels a bit unnecessary to make fun of RSI, something debilitating.

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          I think the intent was more to make fun of the person doing the screaming at a random FOSS author and to underscore how unpleasant RSI would be for that person. I don’t think this was intended to make fun of RSI itself or those who have it for any number of reasons that don’t, likely, include screaming at the author.

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          This isn’t making fun of RSI, it’s making fun of angry nerds on political crusades, and claiming otherwise is disingenuous to be charitable.

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            It feels like literally a direct reference to Richard Stallman and his RSI & “Emacs pinkie”, being the archetypal “ideological purity” complainer. Why (charitably?) assume one is being disingenuous as opposed to just having a different interpretation?

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      On the orange site, I asked for an “about” page, and got this helpful link. There’s also a question of sharing the indexes, which has some hurdles about bandwidth and disk space - “I’m probably producing around 250-500 Gb data/month at this point.” If only I had fiber at home…

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      I’m currently looking for hosting for a large term frequency data file that is necessary for several of the search engine’s core functions. I really don’t have the bandwidth to serve it myself. It’s only a couple of hundred megabytes so it’ll probably be solvable somehow.

      Isn’t this a perfect use case for seeding it as a torrent with a bandwidth limit set on it?

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      Does anyone know what the icons mean after the search? I’ve seen “eye”, “man with magnifying glass”, and, I think, “factory”? No way to gleam their meaning on mobile from what I can tell.

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      Having never heard of this site before, I appreciated that a search for marginalia in itself doesn’t immediately turn up itself as the first result. Sounds like open sourcing is the best next step to continue to grow a cool project.