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    This tool is the only way that I have found of maintaining a long-term downstream from a project that is also upstream for others, without enormous amounts of pain. There was a tentative plan to have a v2 that used libgit and didn’t need to spawn a new process for each merge, which would have been great (my worst merge took 2 weeks of CPU time) but it seems to have stalled.

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      Don’t know what is the practise on lobsters, sorry if it’s wrong but I’ll link to my recent previous comment about git-imerge.

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        This looks like a great approach to big merges or long-lived branches. Does anyone know why it hasn’t worked its way upstream into git itself?

        Does anyone have experience with collaborating on a merge with this tool? I can see how the pairwise commits can be pushed, and it looks like none of the metadata in refs/imerge is strictly necessary, but maybe there’s more aspects to consider, on top of whether the UI is comfortable for the work.