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    An HTML5 implementation of an old meme, using modern weeb technology.

    Feel free to flag if it does not spark joy. :)

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      modern weeb technology

      Intentional mispelling?

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        weebs are anime nerds … is the Fediverse leaking on to Lobste.rs again?

      2. 11

        I was considering flagging, but then I noticed I can set it to sonoda umi and nightcore mode.

        1. 4

          It does spark joy, but I flagged it because I don’t think I’d want more like it from Lobste.rs—even under the “art” tag.

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            Feel free to flag if it does not spark joy. :)


          2. 11

            I love it. It even provides the full Flash experience of opening a webpage and hearing my laptop fan spin up to max.

            1. 12

              friendlysock, for the amount that i see you complain about keeping lobste.rs purely technical, and not including other things, it seems like this submission might show that that’s not your primary concern there. is there a good reason you linked to this page (with no technical content and autoplaying audio), rather that, say, the github repo?

              1. 9

                It’s art and is whimsical, and it links directly to its source, which has kind of a neat minimalist way of handling things like animation.

                You might have missed the Github link in the menu. :)

                1. 6

                  my understanding is that the usual sort of protocol for this sort of thing is to link directly to source code, rather than the product itself.

                  would you consider whimsical art generally on topic for lobste.rs?

                  1. 8

                    We have a tag for art, and this is art that relies on computers to draw and has source. If it fails to spark sufficient joy it gets flagkilled.

                    I don’t feel that art is really the cancerous plague that marketing or politics can be…if you feel so moved, start a meta thread. :)

                    1. 5

                      Every time someone links directly to source code, there’s comments complaining that they don’t understand what something is.

                2. 7

                  I enjoy the “Nightcore” button :3

                  1. 7

                    Lol, my first reaction was checking my browser to make sure Flash wasn’t magically re-enabled.