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    <joke>Now people can disable a fleet of satellites by removing a dependency from npm</joke>

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      It could be crippling if something happens to left-booster and the satellite needs an adjustment.

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      Is this legit? Have they done any testing irradiating node.js code?

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        Yes, and I’m reliably informed the results improved stability.

        EDIT: I can’t help myself. I’m sorry. I’m a SysAdmin and every time I touch Node.js I end up in a world of pain.

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          Be careful, I got bit by radioactive JavaScript one time and I still have a welt.

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            Not yet. Mechanical and radiation testing is next.

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            “What would happen if everyone with a normal driver’s license could fly an airplane just as safely and smoothly as a professional pilot? Somehow all the complicated levers, buttons and gauges inside the cockpit would be replaced with a familiar steering wheel, and a couple of pedals and levers.”

            Which rather misses the point that all those complicated levers, buttons and gauges actually do something. Many things, in fact. Many things which can’t be reduced to the familiar car user interface.

            Likewise, it is just possible that languages other than JS exist on purpose.

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              There are some technical details in this earlier blog post if you’re interested.

              Disclaimer: I work at Reaktor, though not directly on the satellite at the moment.

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                This is what we are planning to do with the satellite business: to make it as easy as building a web site.

                I think many things when asked to “build a web site”. Easy is definitely not one of them.

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                  <!DOCTYPE html>



                  <h2>Hello World!</h2>



                  Website finished! Once and for all!

                  but– but–

                  ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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                  One small step for man, one giant fall for mankind.

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                    This is all I can think of : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVn1oQL9sWg

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                      the ‘papapapapa’ part sounds almost like left-pad :)

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                      This is a joke, right?

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                        I wish. I’m shocked that anyone would think to run mission-critical software on Javascript. Even assuming the underlying platform handled a lot of the resiliency for you, why wouldn’t you want to get the absolute most out of your quite expensive piece of hardware that cost a lot of money to send up?

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                          At some point, when satellites are cheap enough, it makes sense to try to make the development as cheap as possible, too. Nanosatellites are quite interesting here. It doesn’t cost that much to send one up.