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    Crates.io disallows wildcards

    If you maintain a crate on Crates.io, you might have seen a warning: newly uploaded crates are no longer allowed to use a wildcard when describing their dependencies. …

    A wildcard dependency means that you work with any possible version of your dependency. This is highly unlikely to be true, and causes unnecessary breakage in the ecosystem. We’ve been advertising this change as a warning for some time; now it’s time to turn it into an error.

    Delighted to see this step occur in the maturation and stabilization of Rust and Crates.io. (It’s also cool seeing the download counts of popular crates grow and the versions of those crates start to near/enter v1.x.x.)

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      What kind of projects should you consider using Rust over other languages?

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        The most clear answer is “anywhere you’d use C.” Meaning, anytime you have tight requirements on memory, speed, or other resources. Rust can often feel like a much higher-level language at times, though, which can confuse things…

        Of course, as a general purpose language, it’s useful for all kinds of things. But that’s the area where it most clearly shines.

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          Awesome, thank you for the response.