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    This bit:

    Users don’t want to lose their entire message history when they lose/change their phones so apps of this kind never become massively popular.

    really doesn’t resonate with me. I assume the author of the post knows what they are talking about, and take it for granted that they are correct in their assertion about what users do or don’t want. But I still don’t understand why anyone cares about chat message history. I view chat as a very ephemeral thing… anything I want to save gets saved elsewhere. I think I prefer the tradeoff of needing to decide what to save over that of abandoning end-to-end encryption.

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      This is a reason I’ve been so against perfect-forward secrecy in the context of messaging for years. I have every email I have ever received in my life, and I would like to have chat logs as far back (though for various bad technical reasons I don’t) – end-to-end encryption is good and useful, but logs are (for me and many other) more useful.

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        You’re not the average non-technical user though.

        Also I have my iMessage and other chat history for years. IRC logs back to early 00s…

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