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Apparently Wellington is the tech capital of New Zealand. And apparently they want more foreign techies to immigrate. So they’re accepting applications, and 100 people will be given an all-expense-paid week-long trip to interview and vacation there.


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    I don’t know if I’d call it the tech capital of New Zealand (it is the capital though). Auckland is much bigger than Wellington (1.5M people vs 450K or so), and so I think Auckland has a lot more tech companies. We do have a lot of government related activity in Wellington which probably results in more tech jobs relative to population size. Oh, and Weta Digital is based here.

    It’s undoubtedly beautiful but it’s also the windiest city in the world (like, we had road closures due to wind a few weeks ago). And you have to be OK with the very real risk of earthquakes and tsunamis.

    Finally, don’t believe anything describing New Zealand as a tropical paradise, the climate here is decidedly moderate :)

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      also the windiest city in the world

      When I went through there years ago, insurers were asking car drivers to be more careful about opening their doors….

      Too many of them were getting ripped out of their hands and broken.

      I once had to help some German ladies who had opened their campervan door…. but couldn’t close it as the wind was holding it open.

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        Yep, I had $1500 of damage done to our car when our guest from a less windy place opened the door :) The door was bent, and it deformed the car body where the hinges are attached.

        Our weather forecast can include warnings like “wind gusts up to 150 km/h, can damage unsecured structures, lift roofs”. Flying trampolines and uprooted vegetation are par for the course. It’s an interesting place.

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        And you have to be OK with the very real risk of earthquakes and tsunamis.

        Geology in NZ is a spectator sport that sometimes involves audience participation.

        Really interesting if you like geology. http://www.geonet.org.nz/

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        New Zealand is amazing, move there! <3

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          Wellington is beautiful. New Zealand is beautiful. I’d like to move there.

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            As an immigrant in NZ, feel free to AMA…. I’ll try help.

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            I do wish they would invest as much into growing talent as they do in importing it. Graduates students often find it hard to find a job.

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              I’ve been dreaming of living in NZ for a while. Just finished my application :) crosses fingers

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                It’s actually a rather brilliant idea. For those unaware, the external recruiters that initiate contact with most of us all the time get about 25% of the yearly salary for each successful placement. So, if they select and fly-in 100 candidates, give offers to 60, and 20 take ‘em, that’s quite enough money to make the whole exercise still a net positive for the organiser in just the referral fees alone (e.g., ~500k USD).

                Disclaimer: I have no idea about their actual arrangement, but, basically, these 25% commissions are how sourcing works in the US.

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                  In this case it seems to be sponsored at least in part by the local government, so I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s not clear that we have that much of a talent shortage.