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Could be further improved with greyscale support.


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    Becase web browsers are currently terrible at rendering the output as all monospace, unlike terminals, the examples below have been included as images. If you work for Google or Mozilla or Microsoft or Apple please fix this for the love of god.

    Anyone familiar with this problem? I don’t think I’ve bumped into it before, I just use fenced code blocks on GitHub and I don’t remember anything brendering incorrectly.

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      The fallback font behavior of Chrome-based browsers is what breaks it. The character width changes between the default monospace font and the fallback, causing misalignment in plain text document rendering.

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        I do ASCII art and sometimes post them on the web. The main issues are the line-height that should be fixed at 1 and selecting a monospace font that should be “predictable”.

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          I think the issue is the line-drawing elements in the image.

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          Well done! Looks much better than the competitoin!