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    The “problem” is not that without a style guide juniors would keep rewriting stuff due to stylistic choices. Juniors simply like rewriting stuff, regardless, and the JavaScript/node.js community is predominantly junior right now. But I don’t see it as a problem, it’s just a fact of life. Of course they’ll keep reinventing the world and making all the mistakes again for some more years, but they just might produce something useful in the end (like useful async versions of everything). Which is good!

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      This sounds more like a problem with “Oh god I’m swamped with junior developers and no strong senior leadership” than anything inherently wrong with Javascript.

      Also, leaving out semicolons in JS is a bad idea, and no amount of hipwashing will change that fact.

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        There’s no fucking style guide. I believe this is the one thing in the Javascript community that hurts it the most.

        Style is important, within one project, but outside of that? There are source formatters to keep your project consistently formatted.

        With style fixes you don’t solve the actual problem with JS where most websites nowadays try to send you megabytes of cruft you don’t need.

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          Is what was said about rollup.js actually true? Does it really add anything beyond the other tools? I can’t tell if it’s hyperbole or the truth.

          If it’s real, then that’s really petty and horrifying.

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            I can’t speak to the points in the article, but Rollup uses ES2015 modules and consequently does tree shaking. This is now part of webpack2, but Rollup seems to have popularized the idea which IMO is more than enough to justify it’s existence.

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            So, according to the article, the reason there is a lot of “rework” in JS libraries is because developers dislike each other’s code style. But no actual evidence is presented for this odd claim.

            As a specific example, the article claims that Rollup was only created because the author didn’t like Browserify’s style. That is an extraordinary claim, given the technical sophistication of Rollup’s tree shaking approach. And again, no evidence is cited.

            I love style guides and linters to enforce them, but this article is just baiting the “get off my lawn” crowd.

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              Everyone seems to take everything I write so literal. I wish I was better at conveying hyperbole and sarcasm better. I think developers tend to be more analytical, and stuff tends to just go over their heads. Some people get it. Some don’t.

              I’m not trying to bait anyone. I just wrote what was on my mind, in a style I talk to my dev friends in.

              Thanks for reading.

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                @drewh sorry for misunderstanding your post. Unfortunately, the style read as “crazy rant,” not “tongue in cheek” to me. It would probably help if the article had been tagged satire. Communicating between humans in text is hard, especially when humor is involved. :-/