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    “The Cupertino giant is usually all too eager to ride the waves of what in American political parlance are called “liberal” causes, …”

    Huh? Citations please? Steve Jobs may have supported certain causes personally, but I don’t recall Apple ever caring about anything except Apple.

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        Wait, “accessibility” is considered a “liberal” issue?

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          In the US it seems to be one, yes (vs “let the market sort it out”).

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        …Apple rarely ever comments on political issues. This article is clickbait.

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          What does Apple care about NN? It’s a big fight affecting Verizon, Netflix, HBO, Google, all of which they have extensive business arrangements with, but Apple music streaming is tiny compared to Apple’s main business.

          PS — they already engage in Zero Rating with Verizon, according to this piece: https://www.wired.com/2017/02/fcc-oks-streaming-free-net-neutrality-will-pay/