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    I’m speaking about Pandoc!

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      I’m giving two talks tommorow morning. One in the PostgreSQL devroom, and another in the Python devroom.


      You are all welcome!

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        Does anyone know when the videos might get uploaded after the fact? I won’t be able to attend live… or are there already some recordings of the live streams available somewhere?

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          In a normal year the livestream videos are edited, reviewed, and approved pretty quickly by the speakers and room admins, usually in 1-7 days. This year the videos are all (99%) pre-recorded but I think the editing is happening anyways to include Q&A (optionally).

          Videos will be uploaded to the page of each individual talk in the room schedules.

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          I will follow the microkernel track. It is looking really good this year, with all relevant parties present; A perk of it being remote this time.

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            This isn’t a knock on the FOSDEM organizers at all (who have a super difficult job, especially this year), but I can’t believe it’s $CURRENT_YEAR and we can’t have computers move the timezones of schedules into a user’s local timezone. Anyone know some good GUI tools to play around with iCal or xCal formats locally, just to get an idea of event schedules?