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Hi, I spent the weekend building this mv(p) after I forgot about this for a couple of months. Is this something you could see yourself using, to find new projects to contribute to and to make the coding in “social coding” truly social ?

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      I can’t see an “about” page or something to give more info. Is this manually curated, user generated or automatically pulled (from where?).

      It reminds me of a handful of “match making” sites for devs looking for projects/issues to work on, e.g. https://openhatch.org/search

      PS: I notice that these links seem to point at github.com. I personally try to avoid getting locked in to such proprietary services; I mostly track issues directly in their repos using http://mrzv.org/software/artemis

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      Please don’t make your first submission to our community a feedback test for your product (judging by your wording). We are not your marketing channel.

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        Ok, I understand. I will try to post higher quality content in the future. I was just trying to find out if this is something people would use. Source is available at https://github.com/aiosin/gitraqr

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      Some of the issues listed have already been closed!