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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    My last day at my current job is on Tuesday, and starting at a new job as soon as immigration is sorted out.

    Excited :)

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      Congrats! My last day at my job is Friday.

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      This week is my last week working at AWS! After 7 years there I accepted a new role at a small start-up. Looking forward to new and exciting challenges.

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        Congrats! Get ready for dealing with the crappy builder tools outside Amazon 😀

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          Good luck! :-)

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            How was it there? Surprised to hear you’re accepting a new role at a small start-up!

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              I really enjoyed my time in AWS and stayed a lot longer than I thought I would. I had worked in start-ups prior to working at AWS and actually worked on a fairly small service launch team internally which helped keep me around. I got to work with a lot of incredibly smart people and have grown a ton both technically and overall as an engineer and I’m ready to take all that back to start-up land.

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            Dealing with being among the million people without power (gas furnace won’t run) in Texas when it is, at time of writing, negative one degrees F outside (North Texas).

            Only four frozen pipes (2 pairs) so far. The house is 40 degrees F and I have a 3 day old baby. I’m a refugee in my own town, staying with wonderful friends who have power and four other groups of people, all while working out how to make sure I don’t burst a pipe.

            Electricity is important. People will freeze to death in Texas this week without it. I’m a fortunate person to have neighbors I know and like, who can and will open their houses.

            This means I’m off IRC for the longest stretch since I moved. And not remoting in to work either. So this week I’m working with my hands and getting clothes dirty!

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              • Looking into some easy, robust, open source solutions for backing up my family’s data (photos, documents, code, etc). We’re looking to perhaps have some storage in the house but also mirrored to a server
              • (Trying to) buy a new desk for two PCs + four total screens on monitor arms. We haven’t been thrilled with the options so far
              • Reading Classic Computer Science Problems in Python by David Kopec. It’s very high quality and I recommend it. It only uses the standard library but covers SO much content in a super accessible way
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                Syncthing with write only folders (won’t send deletions) with at least one server being backed up itself, maybe to B2. Never need to pay egress if your data survives without it, but it’s a safety shield.

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                  Thanks for the tips :)

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                  I use a synology NAS locally and do nightly backups into “THE CLOUD” works quite well.

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                  Work: Whatever ancient god we pissed off has unleashed his wrath on central Texas and so I’m not driving into the office this week to work in the hardware lab, that’s for sure.

                  Play: Gonna finish my custom regex engine in Rust.

                  Home: Dealing with the coldest day in Austin since I moved here.

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                    I’ll be working on daintree. I have the bootloader mostly working on real hardware now, except for the bit where we actually jump to the loaded kernel >.> I believe I need to do instruction cache maintenance. Seeing that come through will be real exciting; then, I hope, the MMU init will work just as well as it does on QEMU.

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                      Giving learning-to-rank training, working with my clients, and trying to finish the first draft of a couple chapters for the ai-powered-search book. It’s a busy week!

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                        Today (Monday) is a day off, though I’m in the critical path for a launch this week at work, so I might trade the day off - work today, and take another random day off some time in the future.

                        Recently, I got a power-over-ethernet hat for the Pi-hole I run on my home network. This has spurred a whole lot of home networking improvements, and I’m finally switching my NAS’ remote backup location from AWS Glacier (obtuse pricing, slow to actually see what’s backed up, my AWS account is doing too many things) to Backblaze B2, which seems good so far.

                        I’m continuing to stream Stork development on Twitch every once in a while, slowly trying to get better at smoothly communicating the code I’m writing. I had a three-day streak of waking up early and streaming for an hour before work that I dropped, but I’m hoping to get back on the horse.

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                          100% agree on Glacier. I can’t believe they actually sell it to anyone other than people who are already paying $$$ for more expensive storage tiers with them and figure it must be cheaper, so are ok with just switching and waiting to see what the cost savings is.

                          Actually figuring a price for some specific usage scenario seems like it would take more in the value of a person’s time to determine than would ever actually be saved compared to slightly more expensive but sane pricing models.

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                            Yeah I mean Glacier was never really meant for consumer backups, it’s strange to me that services like these even offer it. It’s really more meant for compliance reasons or to have an “oh shit” backup for very valuable information, e.g. DigitalGlobes satellite images.

                            The only consumer use case I could maybe see is photo backup that’s already stored elsewhere, not as the main copy. The pricing was simplified a few years ago, but it’s still not as straightforward as S3 mostly due to economics

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                          I’ve been wondering about making or buying an eInk typewriter. I get distracted while writing and would like to try using a typewriter like experience to remove distractions.

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                            That’s one helluva niche. I’m guessing “making” but that will make the better blog posts anyway.

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                              I’m actually leaning towards the Freewrite. I want to also branch out into fiction more properly.

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                                I had NFI that was a thing. That’s interesting enough I’d probably buy one for a quarter of what they’re asking 🤣

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                                  Depending on what features you specifically need, you might also want to look into the AlphaSmart Neo 2. It’s been amazing in my experience, and you can get one on eBay for a very small fraction of that price.

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                                    I used an AlphaSmart in elementary school. I’m not sure I want to go back to that keyboard feel. Mechanical keyboards ruined me.

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                                Buy an ink plate 10 off of crowdsupply. Alternatively start writing in plain text like me!

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                                Reimplementing the Mu computer’s shell to remove its dependency on the Linux kernel.

                                Also maybe some fun with cellular automata.

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                                  I have to decide whether to add support for other bases to my number comparison regex generator. I’m close to a working prototype, but it makes the code a lot more complex.

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                                    Preparing my presentation for Trends in Functional Programming (at LambdaDays). It’s my first time giving such a presentation and I want to do well, so I’m a bit nervous. The project is only a small part of what I’ve been doing during my PhD, but it’s the first tangible result that I’m going to go out and show someone else.

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                                      I started my parental leave. Three months with the kids. The older one I leave at kindergarten, every morning, and the other stays at home with me. Everyone tells me to enjoy the time I getter this, that I will miss this time, later on. I am ashamed of saying so, but, I will admit, I just don’t feel it. Its hard to just sit down and play with a toddler. I have to push myself to do it, and to keep focus. It’s tough, but I know it’s what the little one wants and needs.

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                                        The toddler will do as you do. Try reading a book, the toddler may start to mirror you. Playing doesn’t require direct physical interaction all the time.

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                                        • Apply for jobs
                                        • Setting up zola and and a theme
                                        • Working on a draft post about raku and brushing up another one about collatz conjecture.
                                        • Try to be realistic on projects and opportunities.
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                                          I’m taking over two teams on our data side of the house, which is exciting/scary, because while data engineering is much closer to my background than the web product development I was managing before, the teams are in a more challenging current state, so it’s definitely hit the ground running time.

                                          Outside of work, we got a big old dumping of snow last night so I’m looking forward to taking the girls out to horse around in it. I’m also going to make a fist of it with Linux as a daily driver; I was going to set up QEMU and PCI passthrough for a Windows (or possibly Mac) guest, but at the end of the day, eh.

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                                            At work I did a migration of our of our services from JRE 8 to a jlinked JDK 15 runtime image to get an idea of the performance improvements. It’s looking pretty promising so far.

                                            At home I’m porting my website for making events with friends to Elixir/Phoenix from Kotlin/http4k after realizing microframeworks are not good for CRUD websites. It’s been going slowly but surely as I get used to the Phoenix abstractions. I can definitely see myself being more productive after getting over the hump.

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                                              I’ll continue improving the course I released a week ago at useEffect.dev (it’s about React hooks).

                                              I have some idea of content to add, and some features to improve the user experience ;)

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                                                Mini-break over (all too soon). So back to work it is. Started updating Perl one-liners book (had accumulated a few todo items, and today decided to add a chapter for rename command).

                                                Planning to get started on a relatively big blog post.

                                                Haven’t decided on a book to read yet. I came across a thread on crime books not about murder recently, might choose from this.

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                                                  • I am going to continue working on a project I am participating in for the 3D Modeling Community
                                                  • Continue working on my music-learning project (I am attempting to remake Redbone by Childish Gambino)
                                                  • Brainstorming ideas for a new blog post
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                                                    My main project this week is cleaning up my go-gemini library and hopefully starting to contact other devs of gemini libraries in go to pool efforts. There have been quite a few forks, each of which only seemed to happen because other libraries weren’t updated much.

                                                    I’ve also got a rust project I’m hoping to re-write using better design patterns now that I’ve learned the language a bit better.

                                                    Finally, I’ve got a bunch of blog post ideas. If I have any extra time, I’ll start on a draft on either the SSH protocol for dummies, or getting started with gemini.

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                                                      • Adding https support to our local (vagrant based) dev environments (mostly done!)
                                                      • More work to finalise the migration from blobs of Yet Another Migraine Looming in the database, to structured tables
                                                      • Hopefully some more work on the next major version of my company’s PHP framework.
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                                                        Removing an assumption baked into my tool for understanding event based systems. I know how to remove it, but it makes the user think about one more concept. That’s ok, but I’ve been working hard to keep it as simple as possible. I’m really feeling the tradeoff.

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                                                          Writing tests for a classic asp api.

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                                                            Over the weekend was thinking it would be cool to have cwm but for Wayland. Resolved to make it happen.

                                                            Monday: I found it with hikari. I think this week might entail my restarting a NUC with FreeBSD in order to get Wayland working and Hikari running.

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                                                              • Starting an integration against Xero (financial/bookkeeping system) to get our financial data exported. Lots of work around internal UX, finding customers who want to beta test and figuring out what our “MVP” will be.
                                                              • Doing some mentorship for a (somewhat junior) co-worker, seeing lots of progress and feeling helpful :)


                                                              • Helping my girlfriend setting up a personal site. Surprised by how rusty you get when you have to get the “basics” set up, seemingly I have forgotten how basic stuff works. Also, having to do a basic 3-page, basic frontend design and looking at HTML5 Boilerplate (and wondering where it all went wrong…)
                                                              • Setting up the same server for some easy future deployments/services/projects, considering using Nomad (based on watching the recent post here)
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                                                                Outside of work tasks I have been working through PLFA. I’m almost finished with Part 1 and it is extremely addictive.

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                                                                  2nd week at $newjob – learn things. I’ve been given a baby task that’s right up my alley

                                                                  continue to coerce yabai into something resembling my current bspwm workflow

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                                                                    Well heck, now that we have power restored, after three days of living in the dark ages I’m not exactly sure what kind of trouble I want to get into.

                                                                    I’ve struggled with parsing a couple of times. For some reason, I just couldn’t grok it with the amount of effort I had to give it at the time. I may make another run at it using something like FParsec. I believe my problem was mentally mixing up lexing, parsing, and data. If that’s true, it might make for a good essay that can help others.