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    A tip for taking photos of CRTs if you have an iPhone: take it as a live photo and then view it in Photos, tap the Live in the upper left corner, and change it to Long Exposure. The refresh lines will be gone and if you held the camera still enough, the screen will still be clear.

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      THANK YOU! I’m going to give this a shot this morning and hopefully update the pictures.

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      bridge mac

      Please figure out how to use the serial port. A vastly underrated interface people tend to ignore, despite typically being the best option already available.

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        LocalTalk requires a lot of infrastructure one probably doesn’t have - whereas floppies and ethernet are easier to get your hands on and interface with newer systems.

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          But you don’t need to use localtalk – just do PPP over serial and you get proper TCP/IP networking on there too, addressing the next point. Ethernet’s great if you have it, but I think the only options on the SE/30 were to add a PDS card or an external SCSI ethernet adapter… neither of which are common or easy to find anymore.

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        This was my first ever computer. I have tried for years, mostly in vain, to get working copies of the freeware games I used to play on it. In some cases I even considered attempting to implement them myself.

        The apple games scene back then was all hobbyists and there were some really unique and interesting ones. None of this modern blood and explosions male power fantasy nonsense. I managed to get Glider and Scarab of Ra on a modern machine but I still really want Dark Castle and Scepters

        A sign of the times some of you may remember if you are old enough: freeware used to have a message with the programmer’s real home address and a note saying they would love it if you sent them a check in the mail.

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          Take an image level backup of the SD card and you could restore it to a replacement. dd can do this.

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            What a great little machine and some nice upgrades. I’ve been reliving my childhood running system 6 and 7 in mini vMac lately—great stuff. Also discovered a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know existed for classic Macs at the time like emacs, vim, and more.

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              A next amazing thing to do with this would be to install A/UX on it, as one of my dorm hallmates did back in 1995.

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                The real tragedy is A/UX is bad even by System V standards. People like what it represents (a Mac UI on seemingly stable foundations) than what it was.