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    Almost the same tech stack I use for https://sneakysnake.io. I just use webpack instead of parcel.

    Does svelte hot module reloading work with Parcel? It works great with Webpack (as long as you keep your components appropriately pure; if they’re impure things can get wonky after a hot swap).

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      wow this is really cool game! congratulations on it!

      Hot module reloading is awesome; i haven’t yet spent a long time on parcel with it, but for the simple examples ive run through it seems to work fine;

      did you use web assembly for sneakysnake ? a cool thing of that template is that it works with hot module reloading in rust, just change the rust file and it automatically compiles rust, svelte and updates the browser :)

      try it! fork the repo and run npm install && npm start https://github.com/HugoDaniel/svelte-template

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        Very cool, I’ll have to give that a shot!

        I haven’t actually tried to do HMR for sneakysnake, yet. There’s probably several things I would need to change for it to work properly.