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There’s been a bunch of emulation-related stories lately.

I find they’d be easier to filter for/against if they were tagged with a new “emulation” tag.

Description could be something in the lines of “Imitating the behavior of a hardware system”, but I am not convinced. Please reply if you can suggest a more concise definition.


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    I think, what you proposed ‘emulation’ would be fine. I reviewed the tags ( https://lobste.rs/tags ) and, indeed, ‘in-between’ subject tags are not that common.

    BTW, I hope we see more article on quantum computing emulators

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      did your proposal go anywhere? (not familiar how the proposal->resolution cycle works for meta )

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        I do not know either. I suspect that the way it works is that if a mod feels like it they’ll create the tag. So it’s not up to me anymore.