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    If you say Make is suboptimal, no one sane will disagree w/ you. However, it’s a solid, well known tool that (if used correctly, w/o wonky religious zeal) works like the Beverly Clock.

    Ah, mechanism envy. As someone who occasionally debugs old makefiles, my first reaction was “bullshit!

    But it’s perhaps a truer claim than it first appears:

    While the clock has not been wound since it was made by Arthur Beverly in 1864, it has stopped on a number of occasions, such as when its mechanism needed cleaning or there was a mechanical failure, and when the Physics Department moved to new quarters. As well, on occasions when the ambient temperature has not fluctuated sufficiently to absorb the requisite amount of energy, the clock will not function. However, after environmental parameters readjust, the clock begins operating again.

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      I predict some ppl will get overexcited & start rewriting

      That really kind of put me off the article… I’ll read it, but I really don’t believe such SMS speak is appropriate for a blog post.

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        SMS speak? Language evolves!

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          Language evolves, but I don’t recognize ppl as a valid alternative spelling of people yet. Maybe in a few more decades.

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            I just figured OP meant Probabilistic Programming Language.