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    I had a manager pleasantly surprise me in a meeting when, due to free association, someone made reference to Ozymandias. This manager not only recited the poem from memory but it was a rousing performance.

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      I see that this has been submitted before with no discussion, but I think it’s worth bringing attention to it again. The quality varies a bit, but many of the entries are insightful.

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        I enjoy much of Codeless Code, but very few entries seem to qualify as “koans” in any true sense. Most seem closer to fables. The AI Koans entries from the Jargon file are closer.

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          Good point. I edited the title to reflect what’s in the title graphic on the site: “Fables & Koans for the Software Engineer.”

          The AI Koans are pretty great, too!

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          There’s also Vim Koans and Git Koans … or the inspiration for all of these: Zen Koans

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            My personal favorite is http://thecodelesscode.com/case/41 – I quote it at anyone who tries to comment out chunks of code in production.

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