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      I don’t know if it helps or is a better experience, but FreeBSD has VSCodium in ports: https://www.freshports.org/editors/vscode/

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        It’s worth noting that the reason VS Code support on *BSD is not great is because Electron only officially supports platforms that Chromium supports and Google refuses to allow patches to support *BSD to be merged into Chromium, even with active maintainers and people willing to pay for and manage CI infrastructure.

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        I should mention that in the article for sure! For me I prefer sticking to OpenBSD (I’m stubborn) - so I need to default on hacks 😛

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          do you also own an electric car and heat your house with a coal furnace

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            No electric car but my house is heated with propane and wood ;)

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              it’s always something isn’t it

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          ahh, I was hoping it could help with the port to OpenBSD. if not, that’s fine :)

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      On disabling unveil: if you’d like to keep unveil enabled, and provide chromium access to a specific “development” path or similar, you can add a line in /etc/chromium/unveil.main that gives it read and/or write access to such a path:

      # allow access to development folder:
      ~/Code rwc

      More info in the pkg readme.

      Also may be useful to know: the default unveil paths are included in /usr/share/examples/chromium/unveil.main

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        Also, I just remembered, chromium has a neat flag that will make it open a webpage without window decorations/ui. Useful for SPAs: --app="https://vscode.dev/".