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“All Irssi users should upgrade to this version”


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    There are no new features.

    Good: improving software that works without adding more feature. :)

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      Actually their 1.1.x branch has a much improved irc proxy feature which is why I’m using it.

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      Wait what I’ve been using irssi for like a decade. How is it only at 1.0.something?

      1. 5

        I started using my favorite window manager around when it was first released. Now it is old enough to drink but is “only” at version 0.95.8.

        The version number arms race/great acceleration/lie is a relatively new invention!

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          I used wmaker for the longest time, and it wouldn’t require much to pull me back in :)

          Sometimes software is pretty much complete for what it wants to .

        2. 3

          Enlightenment 0.17 was in development for over 12 years.

          TeX, out of all things, has been at version π since 1978.

          A great number of programs do not ever achieve version 1.0.

          Unless you’re Google Chrome or Firefox, a high version number means very little to a lot of open source projects.

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          As stated in the release notes, this is a bugfix-only release to fix CVE-2017-10965 and CVE-2017-10966. Congratulations to Brian ‘geeknik’ Carpenter for discovering both issues. There has been a noticeable uptick in vulnerabilities discovered in irssi this year. I think in large part due to more effort put in to fuzz testing.