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    What I mean with this is that Fedora Workstation isn’t a box of parts, where you have default options that can be replaced, its a carefully procured and assembled operating system aimed at developers, sysadmins and makers in general.

    This kind of entitlement aggravates me. Just because you release a Linux distribution you don’t get to dictate that suddenly after over 20 years it’s not possible anymore to use other desktop environments or window managers. It simply loses the widespread meaning of “Linux distribution” if you take away these key things. Choosing to not use the default WM/DE (and I refuse to accept that it’s not the default, but the only one) is not “experimenting”.

    Maybe we need a new word for this, but just as with systemd, if you demote every other tool that does the same job to a second class citizen or even worse, that’s bad. No matter how strongly people feel about the systemd thing, choosing your own DE is a lot more important imo. The thought of choosing a distro on the UI alone never even crossed my mind. (Except to try out stuff like elementary or pop!_os, but not simply decide to use this from now on).

    To their defense, they’re calling it a “desktop operating system” and not a Linux distribution (the wikipedia page does) but I’d say the majority of people would expect to be able to change this stuff, and this came as a real surprise to me. Remember Ubuntu and their Unity interface, it was the default and some people liked it, while others usually instantly got rid of it, also there’s the different flavors often primarily using a DE as a criterion.

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      I’d say that as long as a display manager has an option to select a different desktop environment or window manager, any project can’t claim that their choice is the correct one. Elementary doesn’t have such an option on theirs (at least it didn’t last time I tried it), and I think the route that they’ve gone down they’re more entitled to such an opinion, but in this case I agree that it’s not something they can claim.