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    This is pretty neat. A few quick notes:

    1. Programming language is Lua! This is an interesting choice. I personally prefer statically typed languages for game development, but I really enjoy Lua’s simplicity.

    2. Event-driven architecture is heavily emphasized. Components that you add into your game come with an on_message method that they can use to react to game events. Your game comes with an input file that triggers events.

    3. You need a google account to make Defold games, as far as I can tell. Projects are created on the Defold dashboard online and then opened with your downloaded editor. This leads to some nice benefits(you always have version control, you get a dashboard + analytics for free) but also some downsides(it doesn’t feel like you really own the project, even if their legal page says you do).

    4. The editor is “powered by King”, whatever that means. Apparently the editor was in development before it was acquired(?) by the company King, who make mobile F2P games such as Candy Crush Saga. The forums were quick to point out their hesitation about making their game and uploading it to servers owned by a company that was once infamous for shamelessly cloning another dev’s game. For me, King owning the editor encouraged me to check it out, since I felt assured that the editor would have features competitive with other game development engines.