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    This is kind of a pointless article. The author doesn’t actually postulate anything of substance.

    I can’t see IOS replacing MacOS. There is a HUGE installed base of Automator tasks in all kinds of environments and I can’t see that translating to IOS at all.

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      Isn’t Apple getting rid of Automator? I recall a source somewhere that said they removed all of the Automator staff, I think it may have been in the Hypercard discussion. Ive been thru the System 6 to 7 transition, and the 9 to X transition. Its always messy. But I am getting the feeling they want to converge macOS and iOS at some point. Just my opinion.

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        Oh I very sincerely doubt that. Some of Apple’s biggest clients are huge desktop publishing houses that have crazy complicated Automator workflows.

        I did some googling and couldn’t find any reference to this - don’t mean to be a pain but - got a cite? Curious to see your source.

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          This is what I found, but its not the article I remember reading (which was recent),


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            Wow thank you this is profoundly sad. The user sutomation suite is one of the things that keeps me a loyal OSX user. If that goes away I will be incredibly disappointed.

            There is an incredible amount of power inherent in being able to control and customize the state of running apps programmatically from userland. It’s a very old idea and I don’t understand why people seem so keen on tossing it into the scrap heap.

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            The AppleScript/OSE team has been gutted and the lead left the position.

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              Interested in your comment about publishing houses with automator workflows. What programs do they need Automator workflows for?

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                Things like Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, and the like. Basically, you have a complex workflow in one of these apps that you need to do over and over, Applescript / Automator are a great way to make that happen.

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            OK, and, now a month later, what’s utterly HILARIOUS IMO is that IOS 11 makes IOS more MacOS X like! It’s getting the Dock, Spaces, etc etc.

            Maybe they’ll port Applescript to IOS? :) (j/k)

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            Article conflates OS with UI. They can perfectly keep iterating Darwin behind both. The point is if they might port UIKit (internally seems they already have) to be the basis for MacOS desktop apps.