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Following-up on my “What are you working on this week?” reply, I’ve posted the initial version of my cli network-location manager for OpenBSD. It’s a work-in-progress, but it is usable and has a man(1) page with examples.

I’m working on auto-location detection.

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    Are you aware of ArchLinux’s netctl project? It’s based around systemd so it’s not portable to *BSD but the UX might be useful to draw inspiration from. Also, it’s an established project with the name ‘netctl’. :)

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      Not until just now. Given that systemd will never be ported to OpenBSD, I’m Ok with the name collision. ;-)

      Thanks for the UX ideas!

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      I added auto detecting and joining of known wireless networks to netctl. It’s not ready for boot time, but it works once booted. In particular, it works well with apmd(8) scripts like resume.

      I also added some quickstart details to the README.md in the github repo.