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    Swift keeps focusing on long term foundational things to be built on, and delivering certain parts of them not just as libraries, but at the language level. If this keeps up it will be a very distinctive and useful backend language.

    In the past I’ve thought the language group needs to be less Mac-centric in order to attract developers to Swift on the server. Now I think they’ve just been warming up, and that it would have been a small-time move to focus on broad usage at the beginning of this process.

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      The Swift standard library itself does not provide any specific transport. Instead, it focuses on defining the language model and extension points that transport implementations can use to implement particular transports for distributed actors.

      Oh no. :(

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        But then,

        Today, we are announcing the open source release of the Swift Distributed Actors library - a fully featured framework for building distributed systems Swift. It is an implementation of the above mentioned ActorTransport protocol, and can serve as a reference implementation for other transport authors.

        So there just isn’t one end-all-be-all transport, and yet, all of them get to hook into language-level support.