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This is my essay for the Rust call for community blogposts.

But as I’m a regular poster here, I’d be interested to discuss it with you all as well.


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    I’m very inexperienced and new to Rust, but the times I tried to do something I too found it painful that the good stuff is rust-nightly only.

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      What things do you run into?

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        One example: Clippy requires nightly. I noticed I could run clippy+nightly on my codebase that aims at stable, but it’s still odd :-)

        Also, tokio

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          Cool, thanks!

          Yeah, developer tools are still on nightly. rustfmt will be on stable as of the next release, with the rls following closely, and clippy at some point.

          Tokio is in a weird spot; it doesn’t require nightly, but some nightly features make it more ergonomic; impl Trait is almost here!

          Thanks again for taking the time.

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            Clippy is a tool, so it’s kinda been low priority. Using it doesn’t force your library to use nightly, it just means you have to locally use nightly when running clippy. But we’re working on making it stable!

            tokio is pretty new and experimental and some of the stuff relies on experimental new features in the compiler built for tokio (i.e. generators). It’s getting there.

            There will always be new shiny stuff on nightly :)