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    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with some of the people involved in this project, though not in this context. It’s a worthy cause!

    (Even though the distantly-related connexions book on electrical engineering by Don Johnson is awful and full of suffering).

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      Yes, certainly a worthy cause, and this appears to be a well-executed project!

      Is this the Connexions book? Huh, I certainly did not know that OpenStax CNX is a thing either… What is cnx.org? Some sort of predecessor to openstax.org?

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        Bingo. It was a previous project done at Rice and elsewhere before the MOOC craze took off.

        I have a hardcover edition of that book. Rice is a small school with (many) problems, but in DSP and compiler theory they kick a decent amount of ass–or used to, anyways.

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          I wonder if there is such a thing as a problem-free school. :-)

          A professor (compiler specialist, of course!) I know was Ken Kennedy’s student at Rice. I remember reading this obituary.

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            They have some other great faculty as well. Ron Goldman teaches an amazing graphics course (if you like math), Dan Wallach is a hilarious security researcher, and Keith Cooper has a pretty amazing compilers course that will learn you a thing or two.

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      why, oh why can’t this be presented as plain old HTML rather than some animated, AJAXey mess. on mobile I can get all the way through the slow page transitions to the ToC of a book, but when I click on a section it freezes and goes back to the book overview after several seconds.

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        Yes, that surely is a turn-off. I just downloaded the PDF files for offline reading. For mobile, I guess that the Android app or iBook version might work better.

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          Sadly, the android app is just a wrapper around the webpage. I think you can’t pre-download the books on it.

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        Just a random question as an European: what’s the difference between AP and normal books?