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    It’s articles like this that help underline just how tricky something like testing can be.

    Can you imagine how difficult it would be to predict these behaviors (bugs?) in advance and write tests to either catch or ensure them?

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      Sometimes people bring up games as an example of code that’s too ephemeral and unimportant to be worthy of open-sourcing, but this article shows it’s not always the case - this writeup was fascinating, and it would have been much, much more difficult to make (impossible?) if the Doom source hadn’t been released.

      Also, I kind of wish that, say, OpenSSL were as lovingly and deeply analysed as Doom.

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        OpenSSL isn’t fun. And I can’t speedrun it or watch others speedrun it. It doesn’t see a bunch of great new megawads being released for it every year.

        It’s also bigger than Doom.

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          OpenSSL is also not very explorable, a game is. Many of these glitches are found just by players trying out things on the live system. I hope you don’t try out things on a live system with OpenSSL.

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        I only knew to strafe along the wall to increase my speed, never imagined all this craziness.