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    Written in Nim using Godot-Nim!

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      It looks like a Zachtronics game* - but not from Zachtronics :P

      * to clarify, I see this as a compliment

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        It’s a fun game with some rough edges. I would love to be able to go on and design a LISP on top of it.

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          I’ve played through a fair bit of this, and it’s pretty much a cuter, friendlier version of nand2tetris. It’s great fun, although I think it would be pretty tough for someone who’s learning these concepts for the first time. A link to (or alien-themed rewrite of) nand2tetris’s supplementary material wouldn’t go amiss ;)

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            Bought it, started playing it, really enjoy the first few levels. I may have to break out the pen and paper soon.